Welcome to Noteworthy

because all poets are worthy

created by kiana donae


I am a supporter and lover by nature.
I truly believe in the saying that "we all can shine".

Having been sharing and publishing my work for almost 10 years
I've had my share of rejection and disappointment.
The poetry world isn't always welcoming to those
that don't fit into the stanzas
that they deem worthy of accolades.


I believe we are ALL worthy even if we don't write inside the lines.
It's my pleasure to be a portal in your journey of poetry.
For more info feel free to
Contact me!

If you're interested in my poetry,
just click on the "world" icon at the bottom of this page. ♥

I'm open to submissions of poetry in all styles and forms.
All I ask is that you write what's in your soul
and then be willing to share your words with us.

There are 2 ways to submit:
1. Download the Anchor app. Find Noteworthy Podcast and follow. Use the Message feature to send the podcast a message and record your poem (up to 5 mins) with no music/distractions in the background

2. Use your smartphone & earbuds with a microphone to record your poem (up to 5 mins) with no music/distractions in the background. Email directly to the Noteworthy email on the contact page.

Remember to include your name, title of poem and any social info you want to include at the end of your recording so listeners can find and support you
You are welcome to send up to 3 separate poems, please record them as separate files

Optional Info: send 1 photo of yourself
to be featured on our Instagram
page for promo of the episode you'll be featured in

Submissions are curated by myself.
I reserve the right to deny your submission.
I will contact you to confirm your submission within 2 weeks
and if accepted, I'll give you the episode air date.

By sending your poetry to be featured
on the podcast you are agreeing to give me "Fair Use" of your work.
You retain ALL rights to your poem**

As a fledgling startup I cannot pay contributors at this time.
However, my goal is to cultivate this space for all poets
with the intent to be able to give a small donation to contributors in the future.

Poets...if you're not feeling up to recording your own voice, I'm happy to read your poetry - just use the contact page and we can make arrangements♥


For submission info or general inquiries

[email protected]